Why Us You Ask?

"We believe in pushing boundaries, we believe in elite performance. Everything we do enables the human body to achieve total optimization.”


Our Vision

To create a world of total human optimization.


Our Mission

To create unique products and actionable content that will achieve the next level of human optimization, naturally.



The Apotheos Story

Apotheos, which means “Elevate To A Higher Status,” is an exciting new start-up company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

We began with an idea to start an organic infused coffee company, but quickly realized that people need more than a morning fix of caffeine. So what did we do? We changed our course and have spent months working tirelessly with a team of nutritional chemists to develop the most strategic earthbound Grass Fed Whey Protein on the market. One with carefully selected ingredients that are easily absorbable, filled with vital nutrients for building muscle, aids in recovery, and tastes phenomenal without all the added sugars and artificial ingredients that you find in many supplements today. 

Although, Apotheos Grass Fed Whey Protein is our first step in affecting the minds, bodies, and spirits of people across the world. We continue to follow our mission statement to the highest level, in order to elevate the lives of individuals all over the world.

Do not waste your time trying a trend diet. Join us by living the Apotheos Lifestyle and achieve total optimization.